Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you're looking for a new tv show obsession, here's something to watch instantly on Netflix

A couple of months ago I watched this miniseries called Alice on the SyFy channel; it's a reimagining of Alice in Wonderland (I love AiW, have I mentioned that? I've recently been on a kick reading a triology of YA books that are another retelling of the classic story.) I really loved the premise and plot of Alice, and I loved the people they cast to fill the great characters. Especially one Mr. Andrew-Lee Potts.

I loved him right away. He's clever. He's cheeky. He's British. And so, naturally, I looked to see what else he's been in.

And that's how I found my new show obsession: "Primeval." The premise is interesting: space-time anomalies are opening all around Britain, allowing creatures to move between past, present, and future and wreaking a bit of havoc along the way. The graphics are pretty darn great, especially for tv. And the characters? Well, I suppose I'm a bit of a character girl. I love these characters. And not just Potts' Connor Temple (although I certainly don't love his least, mind).

The whole show is really pleasing and fun to think about. Plus you can watch it instantly on Netflix. What more does one need for a few evenings and weekends of great science fiction enjoyment?

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