Friday, August 13, 2010

A few links for your perusal

I just got back from an extremely relaxing week in northern Wisconsin with my best friend and her family. It was a great week of sun, swimming, boating, and overall enjoyment. Being away, however, meant that I returned this evening to 80+ e-mails. Yikes.

Here are some links that I would particularly like to share:
1) Another potential alternative library: a vending machine-type set-up in a train station!
2) recently announced that their e-book sales have surpassed hardcover sales; the trend for e-books seems to be showing up in libraries, too, very much to their benefit
3) Remember those "READ" posters that hung in (it seems like) every school library you ever visited? The list of celebrities who have appeared on those posters over the years is pretty impressive
4) If you enjoyed Bride and Prejudice, get ready for Bollywood's Aisha, a new take on Emma
5) And, because I can't resist, a Jane Austen-inspired wedding.

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