Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book #12: One of Our Thursdays is Missing

Book six in Jasper Fforde's brilliant Thursday Next series is everything I and other Fforde fans could have hoped it to be--punny, well-plotted, metafictional to the nth degree, clever, &tc. &tc. Mixed in with both the characters I've grown to love and plenty of new, attention-worthy folks and robots are all the madcap, intellectually mind-bending constant goings-on that one would expect of Fforde. Plus the best line I've read in a book in quite some time:

"Well, pretend to be a soldier and elope with my ward."

How awesome is that?

As the title One of Our Thursdays is Missing would indicate, Thursday Next has gone missing. Somehow the written Thursday, generally content with her role in the BookWorld, becomes involved in trying to unravel the intricate plot that could potentially mean war between genres Racy Novel, Women's Fiction, and Dogma. With elements of conspiracy and psychological thriller both literally and figuratively part of the action, I was just as bewildered as Thursday most of the time (how did she cross that bridge?). Yet every moment of Thursday living up to her namesake and kicking but is pure enjoyment, and I loved the additional details about the BookWorld that Fforde works in throughout, as well. I suggest bookjumping into this new Fforde at the earliest possibility.

I'd suggest this title to fans of Fforde, fans of Terry Pratchett, literature students who need to have more fun with their studies, and any readers with a desire to get even further into the stories of their favorite books.

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