Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jane, Jane, Jane...

I've spent practically my entire morning compiling a list of Austen sequels published since 1980. I have a good reason for doing it -- a class assignment. I do have to wonder, though, if the writers of these sequels have good reasons for writing what they have. The genre of Austen-based writings, you see, is much larger than I would have guessed.

To illustrate:
  • my current bibliography lists 102 titles, all of which are specifically sequels to Jane Austen's works; they are not books that are simply based in the Regency period, books that retell Austen's tales in a more modern setting, or books that feature Austen herself as a crime-solver (not even joking)
  • those 102 titles were written by 46 authors, some of whom are one-time Austen-sequel writers, others of whom seem to not write about anything else
  • of those 46 writers, 3 are named Jane
  • only 2 of the authors were actually related to Jane Austen and may have some vague claim to continuing her creative legacy
Now, as I'm sure we've all established, I do love Jane Austen. But really, have we nothing better to write (or read!!) about?

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  1. Apparently, we don't. Although I'm still waiting to see some "War and Peace and Space Aliens" or a book called "What Would F. Scott Fitzgerald Do?" The answer to that question, by the way, is: Drink.