Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They Might Be Giants

Last night I went with my roommate to a concert in Indy. The band was They Might Be Giants, and all I knew about them before last night was that a) they sing the Malcolm in the Middle theme song, and b) their cover of Istanbul (Not Constantinople) was on the Muppets one time. That's it.

The concert ended up being fantastic! They Might Be Giants is definitely a nerdy band, with songs like "I am a Paleontologist," "Meet the Elements," and a song about meteor/ites called "What is a Shooting Star?" As I remarked to my roommate last night, it's refreshing to know that a band can be fun and cool without having a myriad of tattoos, being incredibly profane, and packing heat.

Some highlights from the evening:
  • the opening act, The Guggenheim Grotto (try their single "Waking Up in America"; it should totally be in a movie!)
  • the woman in front of me in line to get into the club; she had on an acid-washed denim jacket with the old school Nickelodeon logo on the back
  • the large proportion of concert-goers who were wearing glasses (this proportion far outstripped that in normal, everyday life)
  • the large proportion of concert-going males who looked like Seth Rogan (again, much higher than in real life)
  • the abundance of multi-colored confetti that was propelled from the stage
  • the sock puppets
If you don't know much about They Might Be Giants, check them out. I'm glad I did!

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