Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cheese, please!

Attention blogosphere! I need your help!

I'm hosting my book club next week, and I'm super excited to put my new cheese board and utensils to use in serving a snack. There's just one problem, of course: I don't know which cheeses to choose!

I love cheese; very much, in fact. However, I've never assembled a variety of cheeses before, and I'm not sure which I want to choose from the following categories:

1-mild (e.g. a soft, runny cheese, such as brie)
2-semi-firm (e.g. a moderately firm, pressed cheese, such as cheddar)
3-aged (e.g. a hard, nutty cheese, such as asiago)
4-blue (e.g. a cheese with veins of blue in it, duh)

So help me out! What cheese/s would you pick? What cheeses are your favorites? Any and all suggestions are welcome, as well as any additional info like what you'd serve said cheese with (dried sausage?) or on (cracker?).

Sound off in the comments, and then next week I'll fill everyone in on the final cheese board -- I might even flash back to my food-blogging days and post a food pic or two!

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