Friday, January 8, 2010

New York City Adventure

I had the great fortune to get to go to New York City with my mom for a few days this past week. My aunt (her sister) recently began her new job as Dean of the Silver School of Social Work at NYU, so we got to stay with her in her amazing apartment; and when I say "amazing," I mean "amazing" as in "This is as big as a house!" and "Eleanor Roosevelt used to live in this building!" and "I can see the arch in Washington Square Park from the living room!" Pretty cool.

For only being in the city about 3 full days, we definitely did and saw a lot. I recommend any of the following:
Really, we crammed so much in (=lots of walking), but we saw a lot, learned a lot, and visited a lot. What else does one need for a satisfying mini-break?

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