Friday, November 26, 2010

What's it's like being 24

My superhero friend turns 24 today, the second in our core group of friends from middle school to do so. We were talking about being 24 when I visited him at his aesthetically-lovely place of work on my way home for the holiday, and we decided we'd both post about it today. Happy birthday, Mike!

What it's like being 24:

1. I like Brussels sprouts! And sweet potatoes! And I eat vegetables on pizza! Basically, my palate has expanded so that I'm not quite so finicky about what's on my plate. Credit the Bloomington farmers' market for exposing me to some really amazing veg.

2. I feel way more confident. I think it's a combination of knowing I can take care of myself and (finally) being certain about what I want to do with myself career-wise, but regardless, I feel like I project much more of a grown-up aura.

3. I now have objective distance on high school. This development is a good one; now I can think about marching band, video production, formal dances, &tc. for what they were and not romanticize them. Because, let's face it, high school is not a romantic place.

4. I am just really happy. Crappy days and other such minor rain clouds in life don't really get to me as much, and for that I am very grateful. If getting older means being able to better appreciate everything that's going on, then bring on the birthdays!


  1. Being 24 definitely makes me feel older. I don't quite feel as grown-up as you yet, since I still have no idea where my life is headed, but I definitely have a better perspective and a lot more confidence in my ability to handle things.

    Also, I finally am willing to be uncool. I don't feel the need to make others think I'm really smart or well versed in pop culture and whatnot. I just like the things I like, and I'm okay with that now.