Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pre-Jane Austen Birthday Tea Post

Happy birthday, Jane Austen!

T-minus 3 hours until the Third Annual Jane Austen Birthday Tea! Thanks to my mother and a few friends for sending (calling) me (with) your favorite Austen moments. There's still time to contribute!

Everything that needed baking has been baked, but when I went to the fridge to make sure all of my tea sandwich components were in proper order, I found a moldy cucumber. Not good! Luckily, Bloomingfoods is only a (very snowy) few blocks' walk away. Cucumber crisis averted.

While you'll have to wait until after the tea party for me to post everyone's excerpt contributions, you can bide the time by a) reading something Jane Austen, b) watching something Jane Austen, and/or c) checking out my guest post on my book-wise friend Beth's lit blog. Beth was my partner in crime in implementing the first ever Jane Austen Birthday Tea at DePauw two years ago. I'll leave it to you, dear readers, to deduce the subject of my guest post.

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