Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New meal: Salmon, Couscous with Pine Nuts, and Roasted Chile-Garlic Broccoli

I've been having a pretty eventful week as far as cooking is concerned. Saturday was the Easter potluck; with the leftover ham and ham bone from that meal, I made split pea soup on Sunday (delicious!). Tuesday night was a potluck surprise bridal shower with the book club girls, for which I made a strawberry fool as one of the dessert options. And tonight was my night to cook here at Rose Pointe.

I've been trying to eat more fish, and so when I saw plenty of ideas and instructions in May's issue of Cooking Light I decided I'd try making salmon for myself and the roommate this week. Did you know how easy it is to make salmon? You did? Why didn't you tell me so I could have started making it for myself sooner?

Turns out cooking salmon is super easy and super quick--something tells me I'll be eating a lot more salmon from here on out! The sides I chose from the magazine were also incredibly simple, and incredibly tasty: couscous with pine nuts and roasted chile-garlic broccoli. The couscous has a great richness because it is cooked in chicken broth, and it also has a brightness from chopped fresh parsley. The broccoli is a perfect contrast with the heat of the chile paste, the sweetness of the garlic, and the crunch of the broccoli. What a fabulous, simple meal!

(My dad will be glad to know that I made his requisite couscous joke: "Do you want some broccoli broccoli to go with your couscous?")

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