Sunday, June 12, 2011

New meal: Chicken Sesame Stir Fry

Finally, a new meal! I've been traveling here and there and working odd shifts to cover colleagues' meal breaks that I haven't really had the time to break out my stockpile of recipes to try and really make something new for myself. Until a few days ago, that is, when I just couldn't stand eating something reheat or cold sandwich any longer.

So I made a chicken sesame stir fry. I always used to think I didn't like food with soy sauce, but I've lately found that is definitely not the case. Maybe the change is due to my roommate and her own diverse cooking repertoire, to my ever-developing taste buds, or just to getting over whatever mental block I may have had about food with soy sauce. Whatever the instigator was, the end result is quite pleasant.

I made this stir fry rather improvisationally, what with not having a specific recipe and being too hungry to search for one. I but a bit of olive oil, low-sodium soy sauce, and sesame oil into a nonstick frying pan, and once that was hot I dumped in the chicken pieces I'd cut up. At the same time, I steamed some broccoli and sugar snap peas so they'd be ready to just jump in the pan. By the time the chicken seemed cooked through, I tossed in the broccoli and sugar snaps peas along with some sweet peppers and mixed the whole thing together over the heat for about five minutes, just to make sure it all melded well. I served it over brown rice, and mmm, was it tasty. Great leftovers, too!

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