Monday, July 20, 2009

Emily Post meets the internet

Everyone's always connected nowadays, it seems. Cell phone, Twitter, Facebook, Meebo, and all of that G3 whatnot. It also seems as though connectedness and social manners are inversely related; i.e., the more connected we are, the less polite we are in general. A travesty, indeed. What ever happened to consideration?

I was happy to read today that Wired magazine will be running a piece on etiquette in the digital world in their August issue. I hope people will read it and take heed. After all, if this is the direction in which communication is going, I sure hope we can be nice to one another down the line.

  • Don't lie with your Facebook photo.
  • If you can't buy it online, feel free to BitTorrent.
  • Don't hesitate to haggle on Craigslist.
  • Don't Google-stalk before a first date.
  • Never broadcast your relationship status.
  • Texting in the company of others is OK.
  • Never BCC anyone.
  • If your call drops, call back.
  • Don't blog or tweet anything with more than half a million hits.
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    1. 1--I like BCCing people. I feel naughty doing it.
      2--Blogging viral videos is my livelihood!