Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New meal: Double Potato and Halloumi Bake

Most of my friends and family have heard me say, at one time or another, that Nigella has yet to disappoint me. I've been cooking her recipes since the tenth grade (I distinctly remember making her freezer sherbet for some friends that winter), and it's true--none of her recipes have ever failed to turn out wonderfully.

And I have to admit that I had some initial doubts when I made the double potato and halloumi bake from Nigella Bites for dinner the other night. After all, it's basically just a bunch of roasted cut potatoes and veg with some squeaky cheese on top at the end; where is the flavor meant to enter into the equation?

Well, the joke's on me, because it was flavorful, colorful, and all together entirely pleasing. I will definitely be making this super simple dish again. I don't know how Nigella keeps coming up with so many varied, delicious recipe ideas, but trust me, you shouldn't ever doubt her ability to impress.

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