Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Food Tuesday: Balsamic Chicken and Green Beans

I've had a taste for good balsamic vinegar lately, and this week's #foodtuesday recipe has definitely helped satisfy it. For dinner I made two recipes from the January/February issue of Cooking Light: balsamic chicken with a side of balsamic green beans. I served roast sweet potato on the side, which contributed to a final plate that was colorful, a bit tangy, and delicious.

The most difficult aspect of the balsamic chicken recipe is that the chicken needs to marinate for an hour before you do the actual cooking. I had to plan my timing pretty precisely so that I didn't accidentally end up eating at 8 o'clock. Other than needing a bit more time in the oven than the recipe recommends, the chicken really just consisted of following the simple instructions.

The balsamic green beans were in the magazine as a side for a beef dish, but since I was serving them with chicken I substituted the beef broth called for in the recipe with chicken broth. The soft sweetness of the onions with the tang of the balsamic vinegar and the light crunch of the green beans made for a good combination of flavors and textures; an understated side to the chicken entree.

Another tasty meal, and I hope the leftovers will be just as successful.

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  1. I want to eat everything you mention. Also... I want a picture of your colorful plate. HAHA! :)