Sunday, January 1, 2012


While some friends and I were reflecting on our 2011 resolutions at last night's new year's party, I was pleased to confirm that I did in fact meet my three resolutions (two of which I blogged about) for last year: I read at least a book a week; I cooked for myself a lot more, including many new recipes; and I developed a taste--very limited, not very refined, mind you--for beer.

Now for my 2012 resolutions, in particular as they pertain to this blog:

1) To blog about my reading on Fridays (a.k.a. #fridayreads) -- this resolution is, effectively, another book-a-week resolution, as blogging about the same book Friday after Friday would be boring
2) To blog about cooking on Tuesdays (a.k.a. #foodtuesday), with a particular emphasis on trying new recipes
3) To blog about my library programming (on Sundays? we'll see), with the dual goal of sharing my successes and helping to develop my professional voice that will one day contribute to the library literature

I invite everyone to consider joining me in one of the above resolutions. If you like to read, blog/tweet #fridayreads. If you like to cook or want to cook more, share a recipe on #foodtuesday. And if you ever have a good idea for library programming, well, I want to know about it regardless of what day it is. I hope we'll develop a fun little community of reading and cooking interested folks this year!

I am also going to try to make an effort to log less screen time when I am at home. Since I'm in front of/around computers all day long at work, I want to focus on being more engaged with non-screen things in my off hours. My rationale is that having specific days for blogging about specific things will help this endeavor--I'll know when I'm going to be online, and then I won't be wasting time on random websites when I'm aimlessly on the web. Let's see what fun new things I can discover in my life when I'm not so tied to technology.

Happy new year, everyone!

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  1. I'm following Julia Keller's advice (in the Chicago Tribune) to read some classic literature. (She says reread, but many of the titles I've never read.) I started today with Spoon River Anthology. I got it for free on my Kindle and am really enjoying it. Mom