Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food Tuesday: Jambalaya

This week I was able to make one of the recipes I had saved to my desktop, thus making for a bit less clutter when I work at my computer: Jambalaya! I first ate jambalaya when I was in New Orleans for ALA Annual last June, and mmm was it tasty. Some time since then, my very excellent mother discovered, tried, and tweaked Ellie Krieger's Jambalaya with Shrimp and Ham into a new staple at her house. When I tasted it while home around Thanksgiving, I knew I would have to give it a go on my own.

I did my own bit of tweaking of the original recipe, namely using chicken breast and smoked turkey sausage in lieu or ham and shrimp. I cut the chicken breast into pieces and cooked it in a bit of olive oil in a frying pan while the rice was cooking in the dutch oven, and then for the last few minutes I added the sliced sausage just enough for it to heat through and begin getting some color. Just before serving, I stirred the meats into the deliciously spicy and savoury rice mixture. Absolutely delicious, and the leftovers potential looks to be quite favorable. Food Tuesday #2 of 2012: success!

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