Thursday, June 25, 2009

The connectedness of future librarians

This evening I was sitting in my library class, taking notes and trying to come up with examples to explain to myself the heavily theoretical material we were going over. Professors teaching three-hour classes have the kindness (and sense!) to give us a break somewhere around halfway through. As soon as the break began, three different people in the ten-person class immediately remarked upon Michael Jackson's passing. Talk about being connected--they new about it as soon as it was reported online, all the while keeping up with lecture notes. That's just the kind of people future librarians are: wild multi-taskers with an interest in practically everything.

Today I also attended a lecture by a bona fide puzzle librarian. No kidding, there's a librarian at IU who is the official curator of puzzles, in which puzzles are seriously her entire job. Have I mentioned that I love the entire idea of this profession?? Puzzles!!!

Tomorrow afternoon, following a job interview and a tech orientation, I shall be driving to Fort Wayne for my wonderful friend Madi's wedding. My plan right now is to listen to an audiobook on the ride, but I suppose I should leave some time to figure out my MOH speech. Short, heartfelt, and a little bit cheesy, right? Isn't that the criteria?

Moral of the story is, though, that I won't be posting again until at least Sunday. Perhaps, however, I'll have some pictures to share then to make up for my weekend absence. Until then...

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