Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Thought: Netflix Recommendations

Have you ever used Netflix? If you have, have you noticed just how interestingly specific they are about their movie recommendations?

For example, right now I am being recommended movies in the following categories:

Now, I plan on becoming a librarian, AND I love organizing and categorizing things. But only in my wildest dreams would I have so successfully been so specific. Kudos, Netflix.

[I have now set a goal for myself of amassing lists of films I've seen, books I've read, and music I've listened to so that I, too, might give successful recommendations. Go ahead and ask for one, but I'm not making any promises. At least not until I've got some more library learnin' under my belt.]

1 comment:

  1. My recommendations right now are gory cult horror movies, mind-bending foreign comedies, suspenseful dramas based on contemporary literature, visually-striking action and adventure, and critically-acclaimed violent thrillers. How beautifully different.