Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visit your local farmers' market!

It's my first Saturday in Bloomington, so of course I ventured downtown to go to the Saturday Farmers' Market! Today was definitely a veg day, since I already have strawberries and that watermelon in my fridge: butter lettuce, green onions, snow peas, and green beans. I'll definitely be having a salad for lunch today, and I'll also be eating lots of green veg with dinners this week!

You should definitely venture out to your own local farmers' market. Here are some useful resources if you're not a regular visitor to yours:
  • Find a farmers' market near you! Plug in your state, city, county, or ZIP code info here or here
  • Find out what's in season when, and how to pick it fresh, here
  • Figure out some ideas for what to make with your farmers' market finds, as well as lots of other resources for eating more locally, here

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