Friday, June 19, 2009

Ghosts of Movies

Have you ever seen a movie, only to later entirely forget what that movie was all except for one or two particular details that don't do one thing to help you recall the film itself?

For example, once upon a time at a lake resort called Sleepy Hollow, I attended a Monday night movie (lots of the kids at the resort were there, and there was good popcorn). I knew that I'd enjoyed the movie; I even vaguely knew that it inspired a bunch of us kids to map out what we considered the "secret passages" all around the grounds, a map which I have long since lost. But for the longest time, probably more than eight years, all I could remember about this particular movie was that, toward the end, a girl kisses a boy in something like a cave. After the kiss, she remarks that "she didn't know that So-And-So wore braces," which So-And-So does not, because this girl was actually kissing her love interest's younger brother. I only figured out the name of this movie (The Goonies) once I overcame my general fear and embarrassment of ever talking about kissing and related this movie ghost to someone else. I always enjoy solving the mystery of another movie ghost.

A current ghost of a movie that I know I saw maybe five years ago on tv: There's some sort of virtual theme park, with Medieval and Western lands as well as at least one more, that goes malfunctions and ends up killing all of the park-goers. Any ideas what movie that might be?

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